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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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Although being on vacation is generally a relaxing experience, planning the actual travel isn't always a walk in the park. It takes time to research different destinations, resorts and airlines to not only find the best fit for your needs but also to secure the best pricing. For some it can take months to plan the "perfect" vacation which can take some of the enjoyment out of the whole experience. 

Not to mention that once you get to your destination the planning can often continue with making dinner reservations, booking spa appointments, finding activities to do and coordinating ground transportation. 

So what if we told you that you could not only cut all of that stress out, but also save time AND money by using a travel agent? And that using a travel agent, at least when you are working with South Seas Adventures, isn't going to cost you a penny. That's right - an experienced travel professional planning every last detail of your trip...and it's completely free. I mean who wouldn't want to work with a travel agent?!

Still not sure? Check out our top 7 reasons to book your next vacation with a travel agent:

#1 Knowledge

Working with a travel agent is like working with a trusted advisor, because they do so much more than just book your travel, they help you decide where to go by learning about what you are looking for and helping you weigh the pros and cons of destinations based on your specific interests. A travel agent can answer your questions, provide insight and guide you along the path to finding the perfect destination. How? Simple. Most travel agents have been in the industry for many years and have not only researched destinations that they specialize in, but have also personally traveled to many of them giving them first hand knowledge and insight. 

What this means is that they can share their knowledge with you to help you not only choose the best place to travel to, but also to get you there for the lowest possible rate AND to create a custom itinerary so that all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

#2 Exclusive Hotel Rates and Airfare Deals

Sure - you can find deals online for hotels, airfare and activities...but how long does that really take you and do you actually save that much money compared to all that time you've spent? In many cases the answer to that is no. And even the most savvy of online shoppers won't have access to some of the exclusive rates that travel agents do. Why you ask? Well, in many cases it's because of the relationship that the travel agent has with resorts and/or the airlines - meaning that they will get additional savings, upgrades and special offers that you would never be able to secure on your own. 

#3 VIP Treatment

Do you like feeling like the red carpet rolls out when you arrive? Then working with a travel agent is for you! 

One of the best parts about working with a travel agent is that it really is all about you, from making sure the places and ways that you are traveling have the things that you enjoy, to planning out itineraries to suit your fancy and suggesting new things to experience based on what they have a feeling you will like. Not to mention the fact that often times travel agents can score you last minute or on arrival goodies like complimentary upgrades, prime tables for dinner reservations, special spa treatments and welcome amenities like champagne and fresh fruit waiting in your room. 

#4 Stress Free Planning

There is nothing worse than stressing out while planning your vacation only to arrive and feel stressed out because you are still planning everything to do while you are there once you arrive. The purpose of a vacation is to recharge - to kick back and to really enjoy the moment. By working with a travel agent you remove all of the pre vacation planning stress, the on vacation itinerary keeper stress and the post vacation stress in case anything goes wrong en route or while you are there. 

Trust us - stress free is the way to be!

#5 Troubleshooting

Speaking of vacation planning stress...what happens when you are on vacation or en route to your destination and you run into a problem? Your flight is delayed (or worse cancelled), you miss your connection, the resort isn't quite what you had expected, you miss the boarding time for your cruise ship, or even worse...someone in your party gets ill or is injured. Then what do you do? Your in a potentially foreign country feeling pretty helpless and likely unsure of where to begin. 

However, if you have a travel agent you know just the person to call and with their knowledge and experience they will absolutely be able to find a solution for you to, quickly, and get yo


Ready to start planning your next vacation? Our travel experts can't wait to hear from you - click here to drop us a line!

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