Atiu Villas Cook Islands, also known as Enuamanu (land of the birds) lies 187 kilometers northeast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Atiu Villas Cook Islands is surrounded by an ancient uplifted reef which is riddled with water caves, burial caves, bird caves, and unexplored caves. The caves are a popular activity for visitors. Cave tours are available to many coral limestone caves. All are spectacular. If you are into caves you could easily spend all of your time on Atiu underground.

Anataketake cave in particular is the home of the Kopeka. A bird unique to Atiu, which is able to echo-locate in the dark cave to find its nest. Some of Atiu’s beaches are almost inaccessible and are very secluded. Others can be reached easily, but all are seldom visited. There are many nature walks through the lush tropical jungle. Being the land of the birds, Atiu also specializes in guided bird tours to see the fauna and flora on Atiu Island

Atiu Villas is surrounded by extensive tropical gardens, pineapple fields and a view down a jungle clad valley to the ocean. With only 6 villas it is a small, intimate, friendly resort in the Cook Islands.

All of the chalet style villas are made almost entirely of local native timbers and materials and feature the polished woods of mango, coconut, red peanut, acacia, cedar and other native woods. There is plenty of water and each villa has a solar hot water supply. Electricity, Wifi, internet and water run 24-hours a day

Each villa has a private verandah, cooking facilities, separate bathrooms, tea and coffee making facilities and a feature not often seen elsewhere, a fully stocked larder which guests can use and pay for what they use on departure. The larders are well-stocked with dairy food, beverages, packaged and tinned food. The villas have varying bedding configurations that can take from 2 to 6 people.

The Pavilion, with a tennis court and swimming pool behind it, is located at the entrance to Atiu Villas, Atiu Island, Cook Islands. Rental vehicles are available on the resort grounds. An evening restaurant and bar is on site serving 2-course evening meals.

On-Site Bar/Lounge
On-Site Restaurant

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Atiu Villas

Atiu, Cook Islands

starting at$160/night
+ Adventure
+ Family Friendly
Atiu Villas Cook Islands, also known as Enuamanu (land of the birds) lies 187 kilometres northeast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. 

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Our trip to the Cook Islands was wonderful. Everything about our stay was great. Both places we stayed were really nice and the people were very friendly. The Aitutaki Escapes were absolutely amazing. Thanks for all your help.

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